The Journey of my Life

Each day I am changing and growing as a person. I am learning each and every moment and the journey is anything, but easy. For this reason, i don’t have an exact topic that my blog will focus on. Each blog post is going to be a story and adventure of its own, thats the point. To tell my story and share the way i perceive life. My life is not just about one topic, but it’s about all the different hiccups, experiences and emotions that i have lived through. And if anyone knows me, they know my emotions take me on wild rides that i wish i wasn’t always apart of. I want my readers to feel as if my blog is relatable and to reflect on their own personal journey as they read my stories. I want them to question things and be able to feel what I am writing as if they are the ones experiencing it.

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Because you didn’t want to lose him, you lost yourself

Because you didn’t want to lose him, you lost yourself. By settling for being mistreated and undervalued, you became the girl whose world was strictly based on lies. You formed a habit of accepting the blame and saying “It’s my fault”. You became the girl who justified feeling unappreciated and undervalued. You learned to say … Continue reading Because you didn’t want to lose him, you lost yourself

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