How you replaced me

Unable to concentrate,

Distracted by you.

Our conversations keep replaying.

Our journey I keep remembering.

Its been so long since we have spoken,

yet you’re still there in the back of my mind.

We had the love like we watched in the movies.

But we didnt get our happy ending.

Your touch is irreplaceable,

The way your fingers caressed my body.

And your lips touched mine.

you had my heart skipping a beat.

You are irreplaceable to me, but i was replaceable to you.

you found comfort in another.

Letting her in, you opened your heart.

You turned to her, while burning our love.

Im just being transparent.

Your turning to her instead of me.

That’s how love ends.

Image result for vaboh sick of trying lyrics

It wont be long till she takes my place in your heart .

Just the same way I crept in.

Being a good friend made you fall in love.

And I know it will happen again by her being there for you.

I wonder…

Is her touch better than mine?

Does she make you laugh instead of cry?

Does she help you escape?

Will she put you first and do all she can to make you smile?

Is she the one?

I loved you with all of my soul and I just want you to be loved unconditionally.

My wish is for you to be happy, so

I hope her love is enough, unlike mine

I hope she makes you happy.

So, With tears in my eyes, I say goodbye

but to be honest I couldn’t be happier.

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