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Holding on sabotage My relationship

It was just a fairy tale, wasn’t it?

Our love was supposed to end,

like a fire slowly burning out.

but we kept just holding on.

Clutching to the extinguisher,

hoping to save our love.

Trying over and over again

Until the warmth of the fire was taken over by the cold

and the light of our passion died.

but we kept just holding on.

Hoping to find our way back to each other.

We didn’t want to end.

Who knew that holding on

would suffocate our love.

Leaving nothing left

except for separation within.

Your absent in my heart

My desire for you is gone.

Fleeting thoughts of you

And I don’t even mind.

Because I no longer love you,

I only miss the feeling of being in love.

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How Growing up Ruined us (Breakups)

Every time I shut my eyes,

it’s like I’m takin back.

Back to the time of us.

Reliving history,

building memories

Feeling so real,

Just simple kids in love.

Laughing, smiling, actually having fun

Living in my mind like we never ended,

living in an untouchable time

when we were just young and in love.

Waking up,

knowing its just a dream.

I can’t help, but think how different things would be

if we never fell out of love.

If we didn’t grow distant as time passed us by.

If we held on to our love despite the circumstances.

Yeah, we were different.

Dealing with different struggles,

Closing our hearts

until we were numb.

Closing our hearts

to the idea of us.

Closing our hearts

to our love,

Closing the chapter

to our perfect little love story.

Instead our hands were tied by our mistakes.

Anger crept in,

resentment built up

destroying our love.

But every night there you are.

I can’t help but wonder if you are dreaming of me.

Could this be real,

or am i just thinking crazy.

I know what you think,

I know the odds,

we both changed,

we are different,

but our hearts remain the same.

our inner kid is still alive,

bind to each other.

No matter how much we try to forget.

No matter if we ended,

because you’re there in my dreams.

I pray tonight that the next time I close my eyes,

I wont relive the same dream.

Sincerely, Your Juliet

To the one,

My knees go weak for,

my heart skips a beat for,

my lips quiver for

and i long for.

To the one,

that fills my stomach with butterflies.

and the one’s who touch i can never have enough.

I never knew the depth of passion love could bring until I found you.

The spark was undeniable.

The chemistry was magnetic and everybody knew.

There was no hiding the spark or avoiding the passion between us.

You broke down my walls and I fell in love for the first time.

Our hearts became one, while our souls intwined.

You made me change my ways, while nothing compares to the love between two.

I wanted to give you my heart, soul, mind and body. I didn’t want to hold anything back from you. I wanted to give you my all.

My happiness was in pleasing you. Making you smile and laugh. I wanted nothing more than for you to feel special. Making you happy made my heart flutter. I wanted to start my life with you despite our different paths. When we talked about having a kid and our future, that was sincere to my heart. I wanted apart of you with me forever.

You made me feel like a woman, and showed me what a man really is. The way you took care and protected me. I felt safe and vulnerable at the same time.

Loved and accepted.

weak and strong

. I would get lost in your lips and escape.


You never believed how real my feelings really were. You never believed that my heart was yours and I wanted nothing more than a life with you.

Spent years trying to convince you. Put my life on hold to show you. But you never saw the truth. Our hearts were being torn in different directions and our paths were moving apart. We tried desperately to hold on to each other. Tightening our grip so we wouldn’t fall. Until our hearts shattered, ultimately destroying each other.

Never knew love could die. Until our flame was watered down and our spirits separated. I thought real love last forever, and we were meant to be.

Now I understand it was just a season and not a lifetime love. A season of lessons and growth. Without you I wouldn’t know how to put myself first and not another. I wouldn’t have the strength I do. Even beneath the anger, you are still dear to me. Loosing myself loving you, gave me the courage to love myself.

Lies you’ve been told

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As you grow older you start to realize life is like a roller coaster. There are ups, downs, and sudden shifts. Like a roller coaster, sometimes we go forward, while other times life takes us backwards. Maybe we missed a lesson, or never dealt with a pain full experience, or sometimes simply just loose our way and wanderer backwards for a bit. During our struggle, we learn to adapt to the ups, downs, and sudden shifts we go through. However, that doesn’t mean the struggle gets easier.

Everyone has different struggles, and sometimes we forget that. We expect people to deal and act in a similar fashion as ourself. We expect people to have a similar mindset, and try to force our perception on one another. I’ve been guilty of it, and I know many others who do the same thing. Instead of coming from a perception of love and understanding, we come with force.

I live with a mental illness called BPD (borderline personality disorder), and because of this my brain operates in a different way. But with societal stigma that is attached to mental illness it makes it hard for me to be open. I can be a social butterfly, but i also can be extremely introverted. Society uses mental illness as a scapegoat. The stigma attached to mental disorders tells people who have illnesses that they use their disorder as an excuse for poor behavior. When people can’t understand something logically, they sometimes blame the individual instead. I’ve dealt with the stigma and it feels like every step I had took to change and work on myself was erased, as if it never happened. All the helplessness I felt before, came rushing back and again i felt like a worthless burden.

Friends and family become frustrated and distance themselves from my cycle. It felt like nothing I tried worked or mattered to the people I cared for. i can’t blame people for not wanting to be around me, because truth is when I go through my episodes i want to hid from myself too. Sadly, it leaves me with no support system making things harder.

So, I’ve learned to withdraw and hide my reality from the people who surround me. I put on a mask that I try not to let people see through. When you spend so much time trying to mask who you really are, it gets exhausting. So, sometimes I go silent instead to keep myself from draining.

Sometimes I have nothing to say and just don’t want to interact until so i can revive my battery. It doesn’t mean I don’t care, but that I need space to recharge.

Silence is how i protect myself, but also how I find myself again. I like the solitude and stillness that comes with silence. It’s peaceful and in those moments I am able to focus on myself. No drama, no forced interaction, no mask, just calmness.

Truthfully, when I am not feeling extreme emotions, I am unable to recognize how I feel. I am left questioning if I am feeling anything at all or if i am just numb. Its like I flat lined, and I am just neutral with nothing to say.

This simply doesn’t mean i am doing poorly or even bad. I am taking time to focus on my imperfect self, so I can continue to grow and become stronger with each and every struggle. Because thats what life is really about…… Bettering yourself and sharpening yourself to become the person your heart desires you to be..

An Inspirational Quote

I heard this quote that resonated with me, it stated “If you had a
friend who talked to you or about you the way you talk to yourself, would you
still be their friend”?

It’s been years since I heard this quote, but somehow I still remember it.
It makes me think, why are we so critical of ourselves? Why do we pick any
little thing about ourselves and use it to tear our self-down?

I know people in this world can be cruel to each other. Being a girl, I
faced people’s cruel worlds all my life. People commented on how thin my hair
is, how big my teeth are (I was told I had horse teeth), and how small my lips
are. I was also made fun of for my weight, I was called twiggy, stick,
anorexic, and flat ass/chest. Sadly, those are just the things people made fun
of me physically, but I also faced it for my personality. I am too sassy,
stubborn, outspoken, and annoying. I think you get the point. It poisoned
myself esteem and the way I viewed myself. I felt ugly because of what people
said… It made me feel disgusted with myself and if I wasn’t enough. I avoided
every mirror I passed for such a long time. I’ve had enough though, this isn’t
the life I want. I want to love and enjoy myself. Watch as I bloom overtime. I
still struggle with talking about myself in a positive way. Statements like
“I’m dumb, and idiot” come out of my mouth. I now put myself down
until tears run down my cheeks. But for what…? To please other people? I
needed to evaluate who was more important, other people’s opinions, or how I
view and speak about myself. The answer is simple; I need to choose self-love.
Who cares what other people say, self-love needs to come first!!!

There are quotes everywhere we turn reminding us that we are beautiful and
loved exactly for who we are. I know, self-esteem isn’t an easy thing to have,
it takes work. It’s okay to be gentle with ourselves, we don’t need to be the
same way of everyone else. Sometimes we base the way we view ourselves on how
people treat us or even worse on how society portrays beauty. But beauty and
being perfect are such vague terms, because those two words have a different
meaning to each person in this world. What we consider as our flaw (whether it
is being too skinny, overweight, dark, white, having fat thumbs, freckles)
someone else might love about us. So why can’t we love our self? We don’t need
to change who we are or how we look, we can be our definition of beautiful and

I think it’s hard to remember to be kind and love ourselves the same way we
would want our friends/family/ or spouse to love us. But the truth, is we
wouldn’t tolerate someone talking to us or about us in a negative way. They
wouldn’t be a friend or remain in our life. So, shouldn’t that tell us
something? If we wouldn’t tolerate that talk from anyone in our life, then we
shouldn’t tolerate it from our self either.

I finally realize,

I am beautiful.

I am enough.

I am worth loving and I am amazing just the way I am.

Because the truth is we are all those things and so much more.

How I went from a dreamer to achiever

There is a difference between being a dreamer to escape reality and being someone with a dream. In my previous post, I spoke how I used dreaming to escape my toxic relationship, but now I want write about my dream for my life.

I realize that my dream was never unattainable. It wasn’t out of reach, because everything I needed was in me the whole time. I was able to grab a hold of my dream and run with it. I may have not met my goal of being a career driven married woman with children (by 25), but that’s okay. Honestly, I’ve gain so much more and could step into a life I never imagined for myself. My life has taken so many unexpected turns and every day brings a new adventure. I have the freedom to do whatever I want. I can buy the plane ticket and leave 3 weeks later to Costa Rica or Thailand. I can decide in 30 minutes leaving and driving spontaneously to the Grand Canyon (which I ended up in Utah instead) or Washington. I can silence everything and leave. Though I do need to work on planning, so I don’t arrive in a new country at 11pm without a clue on where I am going to stay (It’s okay, I bought a plane ticket to leave that morning to a different city).

When I’m looking out the window of a plane or driving through the scenery of the states, I can’t help but ponder the beauty that surrounds me. In those moments, I’m exploring the lands that are unknown to me I feel so alive. There is so much beauty in the world from the architect in Europe, to the culture in China, the tropical rainforest in Costa Rica, and crystal clear beaches of Thailand. If I never set my fears and worries aside I would never have got to see different parts of the world. I’ve learned not to be afraid and live in the moment. If I want to go somewhere I go, and if I want to do something I do it. I don’t let anything hold me back (not even money), I find a way to make it happen. I do it cheaply, I don’t stay at the nicest places or go out to fancy restaurants and splurge. I stretch my money so

I can do and see everything I want to without worry. Some people call me reckless and others say I am impulsive, but I like to think I am a free spirit wandering around the world. And it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or say, because it is my passion and I am happy when I am doing it.

I want more in life than just living for a paycheck or routine. I want spontaneity and passion. I like to live as if I have nothing holding me back and no limits. But I do it responsibly and smart (well sometimes).

I’ve embarked on a journey of finding and loving myself through travel, love, and the hardships I’ve endured. Every broken piece in my life seemed to fit together so perfectly that it built a master piece (the master piece of my life) and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dreams aren’t meant to be contained, they are there for us so we can live them.

Things we learn from: Toxic Relationships

It’s been awhile since I have written…… I don’t know what happened, I guess I got lost in daily life. The older I get the more I realize that life takes unexpected turns and never turns out how you planned. As a little girl, I pictured a life for myself that I so badly wanted. It included being married, having children, and a career before 25. I guess you can say that I was chasing the American dream (the house with the white picket fence). I’ve always been a dreamer. Dreaming of the life I wish I had and wanted. Dreaming how the future would unravel so perfectly. Dreaming of love in the toxic relationship I was in. I spent more time dreaming than living in reality. Honestly, how could I not? I could live my dream life and avoid reality daily. But there comes a day where you are forced to wake up and deal with the hand life has given you. Which, isn’t a bad thing because it allows you to fight for the life you have always dreamed over. Well, Life had a different path for me. Instead, I settled for being a man’s side girl and putting his needs before mine. I didn’t graduate from a university until I was 27, and well, I still have no children or Idea what I want to do for a career. I’m still finding my way. Life taught me the only thing greater than your dreams, is the love you have for yourself. It’s not about what you accomplish or the life your living, but about loving yourself. And guess what, Life will force you to love yourself. It will constantly throw you in situations that will feel unsatisfying and empty, until you learn to choose yourself. It took me pretty much my whole life to figure this out. I’ve been in so many painful situations that I never imagined I would be. in Sadly, most of them had to do with guys… Let’s take a step back to my first love. and the secrets I held. My first lesson I was supposed to learn was by my first relationship. When I first met this guy, I was already broken. I was dressing in a lot of black and cutting myself regularly. At that time, I had extremely low self-esteem. I saw myself as a screw up who was a burdened to everyone in my life. For this reason, I felt an extreme amount of guilt and shame. I believed I deserved to be punished for being difficult, so that’s what I did, punished myself by the blade. It seemed to give me a sense of relief and peace. Obviously, now, I probably shouldn’t have pursued a relationship because I only wanted one for all the wrong reasons. I wanted someone to love me, so I could feel okay with myself. I met this guy that I lived by. He liked me so much and made me feel amazing. We quickly, became best friends and were always with each other. I told him everything about myself, and he still liked me. For the first time, I felt loved and accepted. I quickly got hooked on the feeling of being loved, unfortunately, that isn’t a good enough reason to get into a relationship. I was too young to understand that. We started dating, and things between us rapidly changed. Even though he was two years younger than me, I began to put him on a petal-stool, and worship him. He made me feel like I was worthy of love and I was willing to do anything to keep that feeling. (I think he knew that) … Things quickly changed and became toxic……. But before I tell you this story, just remember I was young and desperate for love. I’ve held on to this secret for years. because I was too embarrassed to share the truth…. He started showing less and less interest in me and started messing around with other girls and lying to me. He lied to me until I doubted the world I lived in. I look back and am so angry with how gullible I was. I believed every lie he told me like that he had magical powers and I was from planet zero (which turns out is from the fantastic four). He would switch back and forth between personalities, there was #1, #2, #3, Jason, bubbles, and my “real dad” (not a red flag at all, right?). Of course, being as naive as I was, my dumbass believed everything and ignored all the signs telling me to run. There might as well been a sign above his head that said run, B**** run, but let’s be honest I probably would have still fell for his lies. So, let me just tell you about all the different personalities I experienced while dating him…. I may have the numbers messed up for each personality, because it was over ten years ago. So, Eddie #1 (not his real name) was the older more mature one. There were generally no problems with this personality. Now Eddie #2 was the problematic personality… He was the evil one who wanted to make me miserable “apparently”. We would be kissing and number two would take over and push me off while saying, “get the f…. off me. What the hell are you doing”? When I tried to reply, he would quickly cut me off and say “your F….. disgusting and break up with me”. This would happen religiously…. Then number three (apparently, the real Eddie) would take over and act like nothing happened. Just tell me how much he loves me. The other three were different people and all had different personalities (doesn’t sound crazy at all, right). So, you could imagine the roller coaster ride I was going through. The switches of personalities would happen within seconds, minutes, hours, all in the same day. It’s okay if you are thinking How could you believe such a crazy thing? I understand…. The situation was crazy and instead of running from the madness, I ran right to the source of insanity. And guess what? That’s not even the worse part of our relationship (It’s only the beginning). One day we were at a park, and he told me he could hear one of the eddies screaming. The real one, “I will snap his neck if you won’t have sex with me” he said as he was screaming. I slapped him and he took off running…. I chased him crying and the next thing I knew we were in the boy’s bathroom. I was on my knees and his penis was out. He forced my head towards it and said “he would kill himself if I didn’t do it”. So, I did as I was crying, gagging, and choking. He got turned off and pushed me away. Telling me the only way was to have sex with him, since I was so disgusting because I almost threw up. I cried harder and fell to my knees. I begged him saying please I’ve never had sex…. I begged and pleaded. Finally, he took me to the tennis court and started kissing me. “Take out your tampon” He said. I listened because I didn’t want him to hurt himself. While he was touching me, I felt like I was his puppet controlled and violated. He left me on the ground of the park still crying. A couple minutes goes by and he comes back “get the f… up, stop crying and come with me”. I stood up wiping my tears and walked home with him. Sounds fake, right? but it was my life at the time (not a story that is fiction). Image result for mind control Well, I lost apart of myself that day (no surprise there). Something changed in me where instead of dreaming I dissociated. Every memory after that is vague…. I remember bits and pieces, and some memories were wiped away permanently. I just remember after that things got worse. I didn’t know the difference between real life or my dissociations. He won complete control over me. If he told me to sit (I would), or stop talking to this person (I would). I forgave him and locked this memory deep in my mind. I didn’t tell anyone to months later. When he broke up with me because I would ruin his reputation. I told one of my bff and she didn’t believe me and probably thought I was a lunatic (which I guess was true). She said that he did that to you, but never did anything wrong to me. After we broke up I was heartbroken. I didn’t know how to make decisions for myself anymore. He placed himself in the middle of my friends, replacing me. Everywhere I turned, there he was. At school, with my friends, and in the apartments, I lived. I couldn’t get away from him, nor did I want to (he had me hooked). I was addicted to the love and the affection he first showed me. I wanted to feel his love again…. Why the hell would you want that, you may wonder. When things were good between us, it felt like a movie. I was being spoiled and adored daily (he never did let a day go by without telling me how much he loved me). However, when things were bad it was ugly. (I guess like a movie you should have conflict to make it interesting. Our relationship was definitely different and interesting). The high, I got from the good overpowered the bad. I mean I was engaged to this guy…. I planned my life with him, I would go to a two-year school and wait for him to graduate, so we can apply to a four-year school, move in together, and start having children. Thank goodness that didn’t happen, I would be crazier then I already am!!!! Back to the story, he showed less and less interest in me, so I fought harder for his love. The harder I fought, the more I pushed him away. He would date and come back to me telling me “I love you, I miss you, I will break up with them for you”. I don’t know how many times I fell for this lie, countless times. Soon, he stopped kissing me (he only kissed people when he had feelings for them) when we had sex and each time I had a flash back to that day. He would leave me in tears and tell him to leave him alone for good. That he didn’t want to be my friend…. I felt I was built up to be ripped apart, shredded, degraded, and the worst part is I allowed it. Weekly, I would beg him to be my friend and forgive me. “I still love you, and I’m sorry. Please forgive me… I miss you and want my friend back”. Where we would be intimate and he would leave like before. I would shred the blankets from my bed tossing them in the wash. Then showering scrubbing each inch of my body until it was sore, trying to wipe away the feeling of him being on me. I never could, those nights I didn’t sleep much…. I would just replay it over in my mind. Screaming inside my head, why am I not good enough? Why doesn’t he love me? I completely opened myself to him. He knew everything about me, to this day not a soul knows my past like him. Related image I was cutting thirteen to twenty-three times a day. I kept all this secret and finally came clean to my parents that I was cutting. I called them the first time I used a razor. The blade was so sharp, and just a bit of pressure cut deeply through my skin. I saw my skin split and the skin under my surface skin. My parents rushed home quickly. Wearing a blue sweater my step mom saw the blood dripping from my arm to the floor. She said nothing and just cleaned it up. I soon learned I had a mental illness, (Surprise it’s BPD). I went to therapy and was put on medications. Yet, I became worse and so did my cutting. I left school, went to his parents’ house crying saying I had a miscarriage…. Hoping he would come back and be mine again. I just wanted to feel whole one more time. I was sent away to a mental institute, where I only agreed to be admitted if I could call Eddie and let him know. (Apparently, He went around looking for me at school, questioning my friends). and a school for troubled children in Utah. I was discharged six months, but soon as I saw him I fell back to cutting and being with him. This went on for four years after we broke up, begging him to be my friend, having sex, and being told to leave him alone…. I never stopped loving him until I met Jr. But that’s a story for another time…. I reached out to Eddie a couple months ago to apologize again, in hopes he would forgive me. (SO I can forgive myself). I know I hurt him, but I shouldn’t be begging for his friendship and approval. You would think I would never want to see or talk to him again, but my heart is still soft towards him and his shut me out. (Funny, how he flipped things around). Made me feel like everything was my fault and that I didn’t deserve the love of a man. Unfortunately, I still care, and he hates me. The guy who abused and gas lighted me, hates me…. I never got a sincere apology and he never attempted to repair the damage and scars he left me with. I lost some of my closest friends, but most importantly, I lost my sanity and mind. Too many times, women settle for a toad, a scrub, or nowadays known as a f*** boy. I’ve seen several of my friends go through similar issues (maybe not the magical powers or split personality part), but being devalued, used, and taken advantage by the man they love. I’ve seen drop dead gorgeous girls struggle to leave there one sided (or abusive) relationship. I believe we all go through it, at one point (being kicked when you are already down), and that’s what strengthens us, teaching us how to love ourselves. Some women learn right away; while others must experience it multiple times before learning to value themselves. Unfortunately, healing is an ongoing process. It takes time to become that strong, empowered woman who loves herself unconditionally. While my ex, now has his own family now, (a beautiful wife and daughter) and has completely moved on. This terror is continuous for me and not something I can just forget. It’s a permanent scar that is working on healing. I’m okay with that though, because through the madness, I allowed myself to learn and grow as a person. This post wasn’t made with malicious intent. I wrote it because it’s part of my story and journey that I want to share with others. It put me in some of my darkest moments, but strengthened me. It sharpened the warrior within me. I don’t regret our relationship, but I regret not putting “Me” first and allowing a man and my fears to control me. There is no longer bitterness or hurt in my heart towards him. I wish him a life filled of happiness, and I hope he learned by our relationship (fingers crossed). I hope he learns compassion, empathy, and how to love someone unconditionally. I hope he takes responsibility for his actions and uses it to be a better man. I finally understand, I wasn’t the problem and I shouldn’t blame myself for the hatred in his heart towards me. I didn’t deserve to be treated that way And I understand I was a victim of his lies and manipulation. Lastly, I hope he learned how to forgive himself and the people who have hurt him (so he can live free of baggage). I believe this was the first lesson life tried to teach me about loving myself. I wasn’t supposed to keep picking him… I was supposed to pick myself. Stand up for myself and not allow someone to define my self-worth. Unfortunately, I had to go through another toxic relationship for seven years to learn this lesson…